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  Zhongshan ShuangAn Optoelectronics Technology Co. was established in 2006, it is located in the blue sky, clear water, beautiful scenery Guangdong Zhongshan Xiaolan. Since its establishment, it has been to focus on LED lighting field exploration and promotion. LED because of its energy-saving, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics, so that the world has more and more countries and regions, widespread dissemination and use of lighting products in.

  With its many years of experience in manufacturing LED outdoor light products and has a strong driver circuit design capabilities, unique exterior structural design capabilities, the ability of continuous improvement of quality and the ability to quickly respond to market needs, has grown into the mainstream market LED lighting products supplier.

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  Customer care, providing customers with a full range of LED lighting solutions, to establish strategic partnerships with customers and improve the company’s brand image is the norm abide by each employee. Companies continue to train and upgrade the skills of our employees and their sense of service, to the efficient work of the high-grade products to meet different needs of customers.

  Care staff, and people who become LED lighting industry elite, is the goal of our company’s human resources training.

  The LED low-carbon, environmental protection, green, energy-saving industry and work, we are all my colleagues in the company’s business direction.

  Corporate directory display LED products can be used in various lighting environments building exterior floodlight, flood light, contour, water features, lighting, bridges, palces of entertainment. Self-developed real-time playback system, DMX lighting demonstration system, which can meet different customers in different scenes of light and color selection. Companies to focus 1W, 3W,5W……. high-power LED lighting product development and promotion, has introduced energy-efficient LED lighting products.

  Main products: LED flood light, LED wall washer, LED spot light, LED guardrail tube, LED buried lights, LED track lights, LED dot matrix display, LED digital module, LED lights.

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unounion led lights