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1. Price: 5 factories are united together to do the sales and marketing, so 5 factories share the marketing and advertisement cost, then our produces’ cost performance is much higher.
2. Quality & After-sales service: Unified quality control system and after sales service quality insurance make our buyers/clients have the quality insurance from 5 factories, no one to be responsible for quality problem never happens.
3. Time and Efficiency: Our clients can co-operate with the 5 first-line professional factories at the same time. And only 1 salesman follows up your orders, it is good for the control on production schedule and convenient for the container loading. It can help the clients save the follow-up time and reduce the mistake.
4. Professional: Each of 5 factories focuses on only 1 type of products, so our union is always in the leading level in the LED lighting field in regards of quality control, product development and business model.

unounion led light