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Unounion's project - Baoli International Plaza

  Zhongshan ShuangAn Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD which is belong to Unounion Industry Co., LTD provide a outdoor lighting project to 
Baoli International Plaza. We take into consideration the building features and location, and we decided to adopt LED wall washer lamps, LED flood lights, LED underwater lamps and LED linear lights. At the same time, Baoli Group employed  DPI company  in USA to design lighting. By cooperating with DPI company, we achieve the design goal successful.

  Baoli International Plaza is a major project that invested by estate enterprise named Baoli Group. It is located in Pazhou, Guangzhou,China, and covers an area of 57000m². It consist of 2 office buildings and 2 buildings of 4 floors commercial stores and surrounded by Pazhou Park, Qinshui Park and Sports Park. 

LED wall washer

unounion LED wall washer

Using product: RGB LED Wall Washer Light 36W/RGB LED Flood Light 50W/LED Flood Light 100W/LED Underwater Lamp 18W/24W

Unounion brief: 
  Unounion have been working on provide professional LED lights, lighting design, budget  of lighting project, lighting plan and installation guide. We are producing and selling LED wall washer lamps, LED flood lights, LED underwater lamps , LED line lights and other LED lights. By establishing good relationship of cooperation with estate companies, engineering companies and design companies, our projects throughout the world. Welcome to contact us, hotline: +86-13822304831.
LED wall washer